How To Perform Without Being A Nuisance

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Working as a street performer might seem like a dream come true if you love the city, love performing and being the center of attention and enjoy being around all different types of people all day long. However, it is easy to become a bit of a nuisance while performing on the sidewalk, but you don’t want for this to happen to you; otherwise, you might not make very much money, you could get on the nerves (more…)


Performers Right’s: Knowing The Laws In Your City

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Performer’s Rights: Knowing The Laws In Your City

Getting A Permit Before You Get A Ticket
Did you know that you could be banned from performing on the street of a city? What is more, did you realize that you could actually receive a fine for playing on the street? This is because street performers are supposed to get a permit in order to perform on the city streets. Does everyone do this? Of course, (more…)


Is Miming Becoming A Lost Art Form?

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For the world of a street performer, miming has been in great decline. Whether you’re just thinking of becoming a street performer or have been doing it for years, ensuring that you’ll have a nice income throughout the day is of utmost importance. Sadly, this has meant a decline for the miming community.

Once seen as thoughtful and interesting, much of the general public now prefer a more interactive and sense-provoking street performance. Whether you’re dancing or playing an instrument, many street performers receive great tips from anyone passing (more…)


Having Fun as the Human Statue

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Since I get my television through, I have access to a ton of channels and, with so much out there, I occasionally find some strange stuff. In fact, that’s how I first got interested in street performing and all the various ways people can astound and inspire in public.

One form of street performance that has always been impressive to me is the “human statue.”

Just as the name suggests, a person stands in public – sometimes dressed as a famous celebrity – and holds that position. Some people jazz it up by donning an outfit with a distinctive copper shine to it to further convey the illusion that they are statues. Some people even hold very difficult poses.

However, the human statue performances that are most enjoyable are the ones where the performers like to ham it up and spook the audience. Some of these people are so skilled that people actually think they are real statues…until the performer smiles at them or jumps out to spook someone taking a picture.

As with anything associated with comedy, there is timing involved as well as dedication to the illusion. That’s what makes a great human statue performance even better – when you let the audience members participate.


How To Play On The Streets And Get Paid

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One of the most prevalent stereotypes pertaining to music is that of the starving musician. Given that most of the music business isn’t composed of what you could call “steady”, a large percentage of people have to make do with what work they can get. However, with a little work and effort, one can make a decent living off of certain types of musical work. As an example, let’s take a look at street performing.

As far as the basics go, street performing is (more…)


10 Tips For Successful Street Performers

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If you can succeed as a street performer, Carnegie Hall should be no problem at all. Some of the finest performers in the world polished their skills in the streets. These tips will help you get through your early busking career.

1) Location, location, location. Your stage should be somewhere that gets traffic, but not so much traffic that people can not congregate without blocking the traffic.

2) Establish stage boundaries. This is essential for focusing attention upon you and your act. Even if you think you want to (more…)


Two’s A Crowd: The Benefits Of Singing Solo

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Whether you have just recently started to sing on your own to make a living, or if you have loved to sing your entire life and you are considering making a career out of doing so, there are plenty of benefits of singing solo as opposed to singing in a duet or with even more than two people in total.

What are the Perks of Singing Solo?

Depending on where you are planning to sing, when you sing solo and on your own, you have the ability to (more…)


Small Beginnings: Do Street Performers Get Discovered?

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Street performers, whether they’re singers, jugglers, acrobats or something else entirely, provide a constant background of entertainment for tips. Whether you’re in a major tourist city, or walking in the shopping area of a college town, you’re always likely to come up against at least one street busker. But is this a career with a future to it?

Well, that depends. If you’re looking to get discovered by someone that can take your talent and turn you into a star, then there’s a small chance you could get discovered. Just as with any (more…)


Guitarist Street Performers And What Makes Them Great

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Guitarist and Street performers are a unique breed of people. Relying solely on the money that they make from standing on the street corners and entertaining. It can be a hard way to make a living which mostly depends on the types of people that pass him on the streets and hear his musical choices. Some of their financial support may come from passer bys that think that he is full of talent and some support may come from people who feel sorry for him and just place a few dollars in their till. Street performing can be a very insecure way to make a living since you have to deal with the weather. You can almost count on your earnings being lower on rainy days or on days when the weather is freezing and people are just no walking down the streets as they would on a pretty day. In a large city, you will find street performers who play different instruments such as trumpets or even the harmonica. You can also find street performers who juggle, do acrobats and even have juggling routines that they perform to earn money. The next time that you see a street performer, details, be sure and contribute to their till.